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  • Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Afghanistan-based al-Qaida terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, and Afghanistan and Pakistan remain a central front in our fight against Islamic extremists. The previous administration took its eye off the ball in Afghanistan by invading Iraq, stretching our resources too thin and distracting us from the war against al-Qaida. But in recent years, the United States and our allies have committed enough personnel and resources to realistically address the threats we face in Afghanistan, and our men and women in uniform continue to courageously meet these challenges. Now, Afghan National Security Forces are taking the lead in providing for their own national security, allowing the U.S. to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan, and are preparing to completely withdrawn from that country by the end of 2014.

  • Agriculture

    As a former state legislator and friend once told me, "Mark, if you eat, you're in agriculture." Truer words were never spoken, and I have always kept them in mind. From orchards on the Western Slope to dairies in Morgan County, our farms and ranches are a critical part of Colorado's economy and identity.

  • Bridging the Partisan Divide

    American families are facing tremendous challenges today as our fragile economy continues to improve in the aftermath of the economic downturn. They're impatient with politics – and with good reason. That's why I promised Coloradans I'd fight for them in Washington, D.C., not as a member of one political party or another, but as an independent thinker who will do what is best for the state and the nation. For it's only by bridging the partisan divide that we will be able to make real progress.

  • Caring for Former Rocky Flats Workers

    In the decades following World War II, hundreds of thousands of Americans went to work to help build our nation's nuclear arsenal. It was their dedication and service that made it possible for us to win the Cold War. And like veterans of "hot" wars, they sacrificed for our freedom. Many of these workers were exposed to dangerous substances on the job - often without their knowledge. Among them were thousands of Coloradans who worked at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, many of whom now suffer from beryllium disease, cancer and other serious illnesses.

  • Education

    For many Coloradans, access to higher education is the key to achieving the American dream. Yet, escalating tuition costs and the mountains of debt owed well after graduation have threatened to erode access to higher education for an entire generation of Coloradans. Guaranteeing a world class education that gives every student a chance to succeed has been one of my top priorities for as long as I've been in public service. I know that by working together, we can ensure our young people are leaving school prepared to secure good-paying jobs in the global economy, particularly in growing fields like the burgeoning clean energy sector.

  • Energy and Environment

    Coloradans know that it's time to start planning for our energy future. Nothing less than our national security and economic success depend on it. Reducing our reliance on foreign oil and curbing the effects of climate change have long been priorities of mine, and I'm working in the Senate to create a plan to tackle these important goals. To do so, we will need an all-of-the-above strategy that includes all of our energy sources, with a special emphasis on those that are clean and domestic. That means focusing on everything from renewable energy and energy efficiency to natural gas and safe nuclear power. This approach will help diversify the sources of energy we depend on, which will stabilize prices, create new jobs and make our country more secure.

  • Equality & Colorado Values

    The clause in our Declaration of Independence that states “all men are created equal” should be a guiding principle for a universal promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our country.  All Coloradans hold those values dear. In spite of how far we have come in pursuit of this principle, some parts of our society are still marginalized and unable to achieve their own American Dreams.  I will continue my work in the U.S. Senate to protect the civil rights and homegrown values of all Coloradans — no matter their race, color, gender, age or sexual orientation — as we pursue a more perfect union where all Americans have equal access to opportunity.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    While our nation continues to emerge from the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, we aren't out of the woods yet. Many of Colorado's hardworking families continue to struggle with joblessness, student loan bills and a sluggish credit market. My top priority is to do everything I can to help Colorado families feel secure again – and that must include getting our nation's fiscal house in order.

  • Health Care

    Since it became law in March 2010, the Affordable Care Act has been working to restrain health care costs for consumers and small businesses alike by increasing access to affordable coverage, providing broader health insurance options and fostering the sense of security that comes with knowing that a family is no longer one expensive illness or injury away from bankruptcy. Because of our nation’s health care law, insurance companies finally are being held accountable for excessive rate increases and how they choose to spend consumers’ premium dollars. And under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are no longer able to deny or cancel health coverage because of a consumer’s previous illness, place lifetime and annual limits on our medical benefits, or charge women more for health care.

  • Hunting, Fishing and 2nd Amendment Rights

    My mother, a native Coloradan, was an avid outdoorswoman who instilled in me a great sense of adventure, love for nature and a deep appreciation for Colorado's outdoor heritage. After college, my passion for Colorado's wilderness and high peaks led me to return as an instructor and eventually executive director of the Colorado Outward Bound School. Today, that perspective is reflected in the decisions I make in the U.S. Senate, especially in my role as chairman of the National Parks Subcommittee.

  • Immigration Reform

    Immigration has always been an important part of our history and our success as a country. We're largely a nation of immigrants — throughout our history people from around the world have come here to find better lives for themselves and their families. In Colorado, immigrants have come to our state to farm and ranch, build railroads and start businesses, among many other pursuits. Their contributions have had a lasting and positive impact on our state's economy and cultural heritage.

  • Jobs and the Economy

    Several years since the economic crisis of 2008, Colorado families and small businesses are still struggling to regain their footing. Now more than ever, our government's top priority must be to promote job creation and build a more robust economy. We all know that the private sector drives job growth, but government should do everything in its power to create the environment that allows businesses to expand. As your senator, my primary goal is to do everything I can to put the right policies in place to ensure Coloradans have the tools they need to succeed.

  • Natural Resources

    As a native Westerner, I'm passionate about preserving our natural environment and quality of life. For generations, my family has hiked, skied, and rafted many of Colorado's wild lands and rivers and protecting these landscapes is one of the primary reasons I sought public office.

  • Oversight and Government Reform

    Help me identify government waste, abuse or excessive red tape that you see in your daily life.

  • Science and Technology

    All across Colorado, companies, universities and federal laboratories are making critical advances in science and technology, educating future generations of engineers, researchers, CEOs and teachers in the process. (And we have many Nobel Prizes to show for it!) This base of talent is the catalyst for creating and recruiting new businesses to our state.

  • Taxes

    The federal government isn’t the primary creator of jobs – the private sector is. But my number one goal is to make sure I'm doing everything I can to put the right policies in place to ensure Coloradans have the tools they need to succeed. From my perspective, to help Colorado - and the country - win the global economic race, there are three things the government needs to focus on: reform from within, fiscal discipline and innovation.

  • Terrorism and National Security

    The attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 united our country as we confronted the international security challenge posed by extremist Islamic groups like al-Qaida. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, I am firmly committed to ensuring that our military and intelligence communities have the tools, technology and resources they need to guard our nation, defeat our enemies and support our allies. I am equally committed to ensuring that we enact tough but smart policies that protect constitutional freedoms while keeping Americans safe.

  • Veterans

    My father served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and I have a deep respect for those who have served our country in uniform. My father received outstanding care from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) throughout his life, and we must continue to honor our promise to provide veterans with the world-class health care and education benefits they've earned. If you have served our country, we owe you a debt of gratitude that matches your sacrifice — and I will not stop fighting to keep that ironclad promise.

  • Water

    All of Colorado needs secure supplies of clean water today, and we each need to do our part to carefully plan for water use to support future growth and prosperity. With Colorado's population expected to double by 2050, putting enormous new demands on already-stretched water supplies, it is in the best interest of each of us to work together to manage our most precious natural resource.

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